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Thanks for checking out PyFX for the Singularity Viewer.

PyFX is a set of visual modifications for Singularity, aiming to provide a unique, enhanced visual experience on Second Life and other supported grids without sacrificing performance.

PyFX makes use of Singularity's visual features to give you real time post processing with effects such as color grading, full screen motion blur, and vignetting with chromatic aberration. It also improves the Viewer's glow and bloom, shadows, screen-space ambient occlusion and depth of field. Additionally, you get several WindLight sky presets, and a new high resolution water preset!

Featuring a water Normal Map created by a Skyrim Nexus member, darukoni. The original submission can be found here.

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Current version:
v0.6 Beta
Instructions provided inside.


v0.6 Beta Current 2019-02-25

  • New Indoor WindLights! Choose from Bright, Cloudy, Evening or Night and turn down your Draw Distance for a pleasant and non-resource intensive experience indoors. They are designed to make indoors brighter and provide a "haze" outside your windows to simulate HDR rendering.
  • Updated Water presets! Enjoy more realistic waterscapes big and small, under and over the surface.
  • Two experimental Studio WindLights for portraits!
  • Many updates to existing WindLights.
  • No new setting overrides in this update - if you're upgrading from 0.5, you only need to copy and overwrite the new WindLights in your Program Files without making any XML file edits.

v0.5 Beta 2018-01-02

  • New Glow parameters for an enhanced bloom effect... again!
  • New default PostProcess: PyFX v3 to accomodate the slightly brighter glow parameters, also with slightly more saturation.
  • Three new PostFX presets: Twilight Cold and Twilight Warm, and a Cold version of the Vivid preset.
  • New WindLight: Cloudy Noon
  • New optional bright(er) versions of Cloudy Rainy, Night and Night (City) WindLights.

v0.4 Beta 2017-05-30

  • New Glow parameters for an enhanced bloom effect
  • New default PostProcess: PyFX v2. Has a little more dynamic range, hopefully makes bright stuff a little less blown out
  • DoF resolution increased to 0.5 on Base settings, some other Base parameters tweaked
  • All PyFX WindLight presets reworked or tweaked
  • All Ambient WindLight settings from PyFX now have the relevant [PyFX] tag in their names. This is to separate them from similar-named ones from Singularity and makes them easier to find.
  • Removed some no longer desired WindLights that don't work well with current glow or postprocessing.

v0.3 Beta 2017-03-19

  • Introduces 8 new WindLight presets! Two nice days, one night, three cloudy days, a sunrise and sunset. Look for [PyFX] on the Sky preset list!
  • Added a base PostProcessing config with no motion blur on any of the presets
  • Made the Gemini skin optional under Usability

v0.2 Beta 2017-03-07

  • Fix transparent menus caused by the Transparent Menu Bar optional tweak

v0.1 Beta 2017-03-01

  • First Public Beta release, no installer.


Kurai Kaminski on Flickr

Kurai uses PyFX to take Second Life photography to the next level.

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